Tantric massage

Tantric Massage

The art of Tantra has existed for over nine millenniums. Its origin is credited to the Indians living around the Himalayans Mountains. Tantric massage is an erotic massage involving body-to-body massage with the aim of bringing complete mind and body relaxation. It is believed that this “sexual ritual” was the path to a better form of ecstasy and liberation.

Today the original techniques are incorporated with breathing techniques plus a “happy ending” in Essex. When done by a skilled therapist, tantric massage awakens your heart giving strength, calmness and self-confidence. In short, it opens the door to full potential in sexuality, love and life.

So why choose tantra massage? Just like any other massage given by a profession, tantra massage has its bag of benefits. Here is the main reason why to choose tantric massage the next time you visit our parlour.

  1. The pleasure

All massage gives pleasure to the recipient. However, some give more pleasure. Tantric massage is erotic. In the process, you will be naked with therapist dressed with a g-string in a case of a man client. There is body-to-body contact with lots of pre-heated oil. The experience brings pleasure originating from sexual energy and at the end, strong multiple orgasms and that is not the end.

  1. Eliminate stress

Any massage reduces stress but not to the level of tantric massage. Why? Tantric massage integrates physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual wellbeing. By the end, it leaves the recipient with renewed sense of self, lowering stress as a result.

  1. The body relax

With profession massage, it’s possible to be fully aroused and relaxed. The body becomes sensitive to the meticulous massage given on your aching back and shoulders. At the end all the pain giving you a feeling of reborn.

  1. Improved breathing

Tantric massage involved breathing techniques which have proven effective for centuries. These breathing methods during the massage amplify the overall experience, a lesson that you can control emotions by the way you breathe.

  1. Improved self-awareness

Life is full of challenges and obstacles. As a result, the society has created a perception that to survive you need to build walls around yourself. Such a belief has its disadvantages. During the tantric massage, you get to let down the walls helping you to feel your conscience. The complete attention in a serene environment helps clients to discover their inner part which is a precious revelation.

  1. Improved sex life

Having challenges with premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction? Tantric massage is the answer to your troubles. The massage comes with no expectation of performance so no need to feel inferior. You learn to master the sexual energy, deal with insecurities propelling your self-confidence which alternates to better performance in the bed.

  1. Improved body health

Generally, tantric massage improves blood circulation, curb muscle and joints pains, decrease the levels of stress and improve self-esteem. All of these benefits will make your health better, both emotionally and physically.

So why not book a tantric massage in your next massage appointment in Essex. By doing so, you stand to enjoy the above benefits plus much more that can’t be described by words.




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