Sensual Massage

Sensual Massage in Essex

The sensual massage is one of the most popular massage that we offer, and is delivered by our professional masseuse. The massage is designed to help rejuvenate the body, and will entice your entire body when the sexy masseuse will massage, and rub her hands in a sensual manner all over your body.

The sensual massage we provide is a rejuvenating and relaxing massage experience that will include soothing massage strokes and sexual body to body massage. It is going to excite and arouse you sexually, while our sexy masseuse will massage you slowly from head to toe, while rubbing their body against yours to create muscular tension.

How it is done

The sensual massage is given to heighten sexual senses, and allow you to become more comfortable with caressing. It is an intimate massage, and the masseuse will massage and explore your body with her hands, paying special attention to the erogenous areas. It is an amazing combination of physical relaxation, along with the arousing sensation brought on by your masseuse’s sexy body pressing and rubbing against yours.

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