Prostate Massage

Prostate massage

The act of prostate massage is not new. In fact, it has been practiced for decades particularly in Asia. This massage, also known as prostate milking is not just for sexual pleasure. When done right, the prostrate, responsible for the production of semen, has potential to produce a mind blowing experience and at the same time bring great men’s health.

The majority of cultures used the massage to enhance men sexual performance. According to research, most men ejaculate less than five minutes of sexual intercourse. Three-quarters of the men falling within the first two minutes. That is not okay, in sex life, and is one of the main reason behind prostrate massage.

In Essex, you can get the massage in the most seductive environment unlike in the hospitals where people have reported horror story involving rough physicians. Prostate milking is extremely pleasurable but care should be taken when selecting who to perform it. This is why only professional can execute the massage without putting the client health at risk.

Medical benefit of prostate massage

It “takes the edge off”

When the prostate gland is full, the body is in a constant urge to ejaculate. It’s the same theory with the bladder. With the massage, the gland’s old semen is emptied, releasing the tension and making you less horny.

It’s a workout to the pelvic muscles

Pelvic muscle is located between the scrotum and the rectum. This is the muscles used to control urinating when squeezed. By exercising the pelvic muscle, the client is able to have sex while squeezing them to control premature ejaculation.

Another medical benefits, although yet to be approved is that prostate massage reduces chances of prostate cancer. This type of cancer is a lead cause of death among men. As per the already published journals, the release of dead sperms and increased blood circulation in the process during the kinky procedure reduce chances of developing prostate cancer.

In terms of sexual pleasure, prostate massage is an adult bliss at its best. During the process, your anal is stimulated and it can feel nice. Paint the picture of you and a beautiful masseuse, skilfully inserting her finger into your behind to gently massage the gland.

As this happens, the masseuse will be playing with the head of your penis and seductively look deep into your eyes. From the description, most men think they will not last long. Some don’t, but in the following sessions things improve and so is their performance in bed.

If you are looking a super duper prostate massage session, then Essex is your place. You will be welcomed by gorgeous and seductively dressed masseuse ready to give you a trip to heaven. At the end, you will be relieved, rejuvenated and can’t stop thinking about the next appointment. Most importantly you will have reduced the worry of suffering prostate cancer.

So, want lengthy super-hot moments whenever you have sex? Why not take a minute and schedule an appointment for a prostate massage in Essex.

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