Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage

Erotic massage is divine and has captivated human desire since the dawn of sexuality. Still, Nuru massage makes the experience more pleasurable with an erotic full-body slide designed to make most contact without penetration.

Nuru is a Japanese word meaning “slippery.” The massage is given with both the client and the therapist nude. Nuru gel, a special thick and slippery oil, is used to make the gliding of the bodies sensual and erotic.

Getting any inspirations? What could be better than two oiled and naked bodies gliding against each other? Just to eliminate any doubts regarding Nuru massage in Essex, below are brief descriptions as to why everyone deserves a Nuru massage.

  1. It’s fun and full of satisfaction

Just like you picture it, Nuru massage is not short of fun. Again, the massage is way much tantalizing compared other typical massage. The massage therapist, with use his/her entire body, will relieve pressure points to an already turned on client. The erotic environment, nudity and the slippery oil lead to extreme arousal which is relaxing at the “end.”

  1. Deeper emotional connection

Want an inner connection between you physical and emotional being? Then Nuru massage is your answer. The massage therapist will act like a key to a new perspective of how you feel and look. The level of comfort and intimacy provided sync the client to a new realm of fun which most have described as, very emotional.

  1. The healthy side of the massage

Beside the naughty side of it, Nuru massage carries with it a myriad of health benefits. One the oil is rich in vitamins and nutrients which hydrate the skin, prevent cellulite, improve elasticity and disperse fat deposits. Nuru massage has been proved in alleviation muscle and joint pains, improving blood circulation, boosting the immune system and most importantly, reduce stress levels. Such a package of benefit alone is a concrete reason why you should book the massage.

  1. Awaken the sense of touch

The sense of touch should never be underrated. Science proves everyone, from infancy to old age love the feel of the bond created when people touch. Well, Nuru massage is the celebration of the sense of touch. In a dimmed lighting, smooth music playing in the background, room scented, the slippery oil, the sense of touch is awakened, then came the naked therapist with her bag of techniques. Every touch counts and the body reacts with gratitude as it unlocks its full capacity of enjoyment.

  1. The flattery side of the massage

Unlike other massages, Nuru massage needs you to expose yourself to the therapist. To most people, that is quite daring which makes it an escapade. The experience is sexual with no penetration. Your body will glide with the therapist’s to achieve the tantalizing feeling. All you have to do is lie there, give yourself to the masseuse. The submission, arousal and the fact that you are among those who are brave enough to give themselves the pleasure is divine.

You might have tried another type massage, loved it and want to stick with it. However, remember that massage is different. Nuru massage has proved to be the ultimate sex play, a one in a lifetime experience.

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