Lingam Massage

Looking for Lingam Massage in Essex?

The Lingam Massage is another massage that is great for men, who are experiencing sexual dysfunctions. This special massage focuses primarily on the male genitalia, which is why it is the most commonly booked massage service we offer. The masseuse will gently rub and tug all around the male penis, concentrating on building up stamina for men.

The Lingam massage is highly popular in our massage selections, and is a tantric massage therapy that is focused on the male genitalia. The massage is a full body massage, but the masseuse will pay special attention towards the male organ towards the end of the massage. The purpose of this massage is not orgasm as you may expect, but is about strengthening and worshipping this part of the male body.

It is an intense, sexual, and stimulating experience that will help you enhance your sexual prowess, and will teach you to relax your mind and enjoy your experience. This massage will awaken your male sexual energy, and is preferred for men who feel that they don’t last long in the bedroom. The main goal of the lingam massage is to honour the male genitalia. This massage will help expand your ability to not only give but also receive pleasure, and will ensure that the overall health of the male organ remains intact.

How it is done

The Lingam massage is done to release micro tensions in the penis, making it easier for you to achieve and maintain erections. Men, who have had a tough time staying hard will find this massage both pleasurable, and therapeutic, since it is designed to help build stamina. The massage is very intimate and exotic, while you will experience extreme pleasure, when the sexy masseuse is playing with your penis.

Therefore, orgasms or ejaculations can be expected when experiencing the lingam massage.

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