Session and Donation

Outcall massage – 1 hr session £250     90 min £350    2 hr £500

Our Outcall massage service is the perfect solution if you need to fit your Tantric massage session into your busy schedule. Skilled and ready, our massage therapists are standing by to serve you at a venue of your choice.

Whether it’s in the comfort of your own home or at a discreet, convenient location, our therapists are fully equipped to provide you with the complete Tantric massage experience. Simply decide on the time and place, contact us for a booking, and prepare yourself for an amazing Tantric experience. Oils, candles, aromatherapy, and music will set the mood, and their expertise will do the rest.

Tantric massage – 1 hr session £120     90 min £180    2 hr £240

Tantra, derived from the Sanskrit word meaning “weave”, is the Eastern practice of weaving spirituality into all aspects of your everyday life. Through Tantric practices, you become aware of the sexual energy within your body and its connection to the divine. You begin to see yourself as a conscious creator of life instead of merely a spectator.

During a Tantric massage, your massage therapist uses breathing, stroking, and wordless communication to unleash your sexual energy. With your senses heightened and your mind still, you’ll relax into a sublime state of bliss that transcends all physical barriers leaving you feeling radiant and rejuvenated.

Yoni massage – 1 hr session £160     90 min £220    2 hr £320

“Yoni”, which is the Sanskrit word for vagina, can be loosely translated as “Gateway to pleasure”. Based on Tantra teachings, a body is sacred. And what part of the body is more sacred than a women’s vagina?

A yoni massage is a deeply healing process in which your massage therapist honours and reveres your vagina.

During a Yoni massage, stored hurts can be healed, old blockages cleared, and vitality restored. Regular yoni massages can bring about profound transformation in all aspects of life and allow you to take your rightful place as a beautiful, empowered woman in society.

4 Hands massage – 1 hr session £180     90 min £270    2 hr £360

4 Hands, also known as Tandem massage, is an intense massage in which two therapists massage you at the same time for amplified pleasure.

The notion of four skilled hands and two beautiful bodies focusing exclusively on your body may seem like the ultimate indulgence because it is! Working in tandem, they artfully arouse your senses and eradicate all tension from your body. With you at the centre of their focus, they knead, caress, and delight in giving you body all the attention it needs while you simply surrender and enjoy. The perfect complement to a stressful day.

Nuru massage – 1 hr session £160     90 min £220    2 hr £320

Add an extra element of fun to your Tantric massage experience with an intimate Nuru massage.

A Nuru massage is a full body to body massage in which both you and your massage therapist are covered in a special gel. You then massage each other by sensually slipping and sliding your bodies against each other. No body part is left unexplored.

In addition to it be a totally liberating experience, the special Nuru gel is filled with nutrients and anti-oxidants that leave your body feeling fresh, supple, and rejuvenated.

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