Erotic Massage

Erotic Massage

Erotic massage is an essential part of everyday bedroom activities. It can be performed either before or after sex. Basically, erotic massage is meant to achieve maximum arousal hence the reason they get performed to the erogenous zones.

Erotic massage dates back to the 17th century. However, for the most part, erotic massage was carried out with lots of secrecy. They were performed by a midwife or a physician. Despite the procedure being the same, some of its use has changed. For example, erotic massage is no longer used to treat hysteria.

With time, the culture has changed with bad reputation developing in the industry. If you have any doubt then know erotic massage in Essex is not characterised by the following.

  1. Fake picture scam

You might have come across overly photoshopped pictures in websites offering erotic massage. In Essex, this is not the case. Authenticity and Legitimacy are the virtual. What you see is what you will get. There is no change with the masseuse so typical scam of bait and switch is nothing you will experience.

  1. Escort with bad attitude

This is another problem facing the massage industry, escorts with rush services. This goes against the founders of tantric massage. Some are not only foul-mouthed but they lack skills or an idea of how to perform this special massage. In Essex, the masseuse is trained and experience to offer clients services full to their expectations.

  1. Substandard parlour

It has been known that quark agencies have set up parlours in unhygienic studio apartments or overcrowded parlour. For erotic massage to be a success the environment in which it’s done holds a high stake to the end result. A calm, well scented and seductive environment defines a good place for an erotic massage. Otherwise, the presence of hairs and shower products lying about is a reality in agencies with no concern for client satisfaction.

  1. Unorganised customer support

Shoddy agencies have badly organised receptionist lacking any level of professionalism. They manner in which they speak and handle your requests is disappointing. They do not respect schedules causing a crash of appointments.

  1. Lack of privacy

The intensity of erotic massage calls for discretion. It’s nothing to be ashamed about but customer information need to be protected against people who will take advantage. Agencies that run parlour illegally are to be avoided.

You have probably heard stories of police raid in the parlour due to tax evasion or running an illegal business. As a client who respect the beauty and benefits of erotic massage, you should take initiative and avoid such places at all costs.

Finding a genuine erotic massage parlour can be difficult and easy depending on where you look. Asking for a recommendation from someone you trust is the best method. With the internet, it’s easier, but one needs to be vigilant on which parlour you settle.

In Essex, there are many legitimate erotic massage parlour. Your erotic massage experience will be beneficial both physically and emotionally. Most of the experiences are reported to be superb hence the wide base of returning clients. You should give it a try.



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