Tantric massage in Essex: The best of both worlds

Essex, home to historical buildings, modernist estates, a vibrant coastline, and a patchwork of farmland, is a county of many contradictions. It’s also where you can experience an exquisite Tantric massage.

True to Essex tradition of blending the old with the new, Tantric massage adds a modern-day twist to ancient Tantric teachings to create an intimate, deeply gratifying massage.

The goal of Tantric massage

Based on Tantric teachings, sexual energy is the source of our aliveness. Through Tantric massage, you learn to use breath, touch, and mindful awareness to turn you whole body into an erogenous zone.

More than just a sexual experience, the goal of Tantric massage is not to reach sexual orgasm, but to reach a state of Tantric bliss, known as ananda.

Ananda, which is the Sanskrit word for “bliss”, is the ultimate state of alignment with body, mind, and spirit. Energy usually expelled through orgasm is channelled back into your body, creating intensive orgasmic waves of pleasure that goes beyond what you can experience in a purely physical orgasm.

Tantric massage is a rekindling of the relationship with the divine within you. When you acknowledge yourself as a divine being, you release your limitations of being human. You approach life feeling connected, rejuvenated, and empowered.

Tantric massage as an enhancement to your lifestyle

Whether you’re a visitor exploring England’s diversity or a local looking to relax, a Tantric massage adds a different dimension to your experience of Essex.

The thought of getting a Tantric massage can be both alluring and intimidating at the same time. That’s natural. But when you understand the immense power held within your sexual energy and its ability to transform every area of your life, why not tap into this energy through Tantric massage?

A Tantric massage starts out no different to any regular massage with candles, aromatherapy, and music igniting your senses. Under the skilled hands of your massage therapist, you soon begin to relax as she gently applies massage oils all over your body with just the right amount of pressure in all the right places.

As you surrender your body and mind, you allow your spiritual connection to deepen. Every touch becomes an invitation to go even deeper within yourself. It is a call to abandon all inhibitions as you connect with your true essence. This divine connection empowers you to tackle your role as mother, father, son, daughter, sibling, friend, employer, or employee from a place of authenticity.

Misconceptions about Tantric massage

Tantra has deep roots in both Hinduism and Buddhism, each with their own methods. This often creates confusion about what true Tantric practice entails; a confusion that has been compounded by the Neo-Tantrism of the 1980s, which focuses purely on sexual gratification.

This has contributed to Tantric massage as a practice being largely misrepresented and shrouded in shame when, in fact, it is a deeply spiritual, life-changing experience.

There are, however, Tantric massage parlours that exploit the general lack of understanding of what Tantric massage really is.

Choosing a reputable massage parlour

To avoid being exploited, here are two important questions to ask when choosing a massage parlour in Essex.

  1. What are the Tantric techniques used when giving a massage?

True Tantric massage focuses more on breath and wordless communication to create a transcendental experience rather than extensive touch to create a heightened physical experience. The primary purpose is to achieve ananda.

  1. Do the masseuses’ training and qualifications include a deep understanding of traditional Tantric practices?

Some dubious parlours hire masseuses based purely on their willingness to conduct a massage in the nude.

New recruits are provided with “on-the-job” training by learning from others. While this may still result in an amazing sexual experience for the person receiving the massage, it won’t be a Tantric massage in its true sense and you’re unlikely to benefit long-term.

When you’re satisfied that the masseuses are properly trained and use the right techniques, the next step is to select the right Tantric massage option that’s right for you.

Different types of Adult massage

You may be surprised by the variety available to you when it comes to choosing a Tantric massage.

  • Tantric massage

For an introduction into Tantric massage, you may prefer the basic Tantric massage in which you and your masseuse are both naked. She then uses Tantric techniques to bring your body to a state of ananda.

  • Body to body massage

If you’re more of the curious kind, perhaps you should consider a full, naked, body to body massage in which your masseuse uses her body to massage your body for a more intriguing experience.

  • Nuru massage

A body to body massage with a twist. During a Nuru massage, both you and your masseuse are covered in Nuru gel as you slip and slide your bodies against each other.

  • Erotic massage

An erotic massage places the focus of the massage on your erogenous zones for enhances sexual desire.

  • Sensual massage

A sensual massage is full body to body massage aimed at heightening all your senses through slow and soothing stroking.

  • Yoni massage

This women-only massage is an intense massage of the vagina. The “yoni”, which means vagina in Sanskrit, is considered a sacred temple and a yoni massage is a demonstration of ultimate honour and respect.

  • Lingam massage

If a Yoni massage is the worshipping of the vagina, a Lingam massage is the worshipping of the penis. “Lingam” is the Sanskrit word for penis.

  • Prostate massage

A prostate massage has both medical and therapeutic benefits. Wouldn’t you rather get a prostate massage from a Tantric masseuse than from a medical doctor?

  • Couples massage

While the techniques you learn through Tantric massage will make you a more attentive lover, couples massage brings a new level of intimacy to your relationship. You and your partner will learn to communicate love, honour, and respect without using words.

Next steps

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